Hannover Central Station, 2023

The Lister Miele Tunnel is one of Hannover’s most central and until recently - least appealing - thoroughfares. Now it has been transformed into a pop-up gallery. urKultur was invited to advise Deutsche Bahn Station & Service and the City of Hannover on a set of measures to improve the tunnel. As a result the tunnel was given a small makeover, the original vitrines have been repaired and activated as a new platform for art in the city. The pop-up space has been inaugurated with two especially commissioned sets of artworks by Christoph Niemann. “Rendez-vous I” tells the humorous story of a white circle which in each picture transforms itself - from tennis ball to egg to a though bubble to a rock, thereby displaying Niemann’s humour and talent for abstraction. “Rendez-vous II” is the  story of two mirrored solitary characters experiencing a series of events which eventually leads to them to a heart-warming reunion in the middle.


Site-specific commission


DB Station & Service AG

Collaborator / Artist

Christoph Niemann


Curator, Commissioner


Nordwest Zeitung
Antenne Niedersachsen
Lok Report


DB AG / Jet-Foto, Ralf Kranert