S-Bahnhof Wannsee, 2022

"Wir sind Berliner" is Christoph Niemann's second mural project at the Wannsee train station in Berlin, curated by urKultur for Deutsche Bahn. For this second, 30m long, tunnel in Wannsee station, the artist and Illustrator has designed two panoramic works. One side features an S-Bahn train populated with well-known Berlin figures such as the iconic Berlin bear and Nofretete. An unlucky commuter is seen chasing the train as it drives off. The other side presents a view of the Straße des 17. Juni featuring some of Berlin's most famous monuments including the Brandenburg Gate and the Siegessäule column. The centre of Berlin is a well-known gathering point for demonstrations and here, represented through multi-colour tiles, are demonstrators exercising their democratic right to have their voices heard. This new installation by Niemann is a celebration of Berlin's diversity and serves as a counterpart to the earlier work in the same station, which presents historic Wannsee. 


Site-specific commission


DB Station & Service AG

Collaborator / Artist

Christoph Niemann


Curator, Producer


Kunstleben Berlin
Deutsche Bahn


DB AG / Jet-Foto, Ralf Kranert